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MobiMic Wireless Lapel Microphones with built-in Bluetooth Remote and charging case for iPhones and all Android Smartphones

MobiMic Wireless Lapel Microphones with built-in Bluetooth Remote and charging case for iPhones and all Android Smartphones

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MobiMic is perfect for smartphone videos, TikToks, YouTube, Instagram, live streams, interviews, speech, singing, teaching, yoga & fitness instructors.


Works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, all USB-C & iOS devices with a lightining connection


Works with Android and iPhone camera apps, all social media apps, Livestream apps, and programs including Microsoft Teams or Zoom

Product Features




Digital Signal Processing. Removes background noise for crystal clear wireless audio 48KHz stereo CD quality


30m/100ft range without losing transmission


Start/Stop video recording and take a photo without touching your smartphone


6-hours use from a full charge. Recharge your phone while using the receiver.


With USB-C connection for device charging


What are the main advantages of using a 2.4GHz wireless microphone for content creation?

For content creators’ 2.4GHz wireless microphones are extremely simple to operate, have international compliance, good price point, allow more than one microphone to be connected to a single receiver, have a working distance up to 30m without loss of signal, in-line attenuation, ultra-low latency, and better battery life.

Are there any disadvantages of using 2.4G wireless microphones?

The two main disadvantages only really apply to professional broadcast video recording. 2.4G wireless systems often uses internal, non-replaceable rechargeable batteries which are not ideal for professional workflows where long recording times and quick swaps are required.

With 2.4G systems audio is compressed digitally and while this is a decided advantage for content creators using their smartphones to record audio or conduct meeting using a laptop is not the best option if any audio post-production work is desired. However, this only applies in broadcast or audio studio recording.

Is 2.4 GHz better than Bluetooth?

2.4GHz audio is noticeably better when compared with Bluetooth wireless audio. Unlike Bluetooth our microphones auto-pair and it's simply a plug-and-play experience for the content creator. However, the real advantage is better sound quality. 2.4GHz wireless chipsets boast a long-range and latency free user experience meaning there is no delay in the audio signal.

Can 2.4 GHz penetrate walls?

Yes. 2.4 GHz networks cover a substantially larger range than 5 GHz wireless networks. 5 GHz networks do not penetrate solid objects such as walls nearly as well as do 2.4 GHz signals.

Shipping & Returns

Fast 1st Class, Tracked Worldwide Shipping. Times to the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK 🚚  7-12 days🚚.

100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. With over 10,000+ happy customers, we’re so sure you’ll love your order that we even offer a 21-day refund policy and 1-year product warranty. But we know you’re not going to need it. 

Tired of struggling with terrible-sounding videos, live streams or interviews ? Unable to create content you deserve that captivates your audience? Say hello to MobiMic our next-generation smartphone lapel microphone that’s packed with features to make content creation a breeze!

Experience headache-free recording with all your devices

wireless microphone being used by a female blogger

✅ Our Universal 2-1 Receiver fits iPhones, all Android smartphones with a USB-C connection, laptops, and tablets no additional cables or adapters are needed.
✅ Wirelessly record with two microphones at once up to 30m from your smartphone with Intelligent Noise Reduction
✅Charge your smartphone while recording so you’ll never run out of power.
✅Avoid shaky footage with the built-in Bluetooth mic remote.
✅Sturdy lapel clips that won’t break when fixing MobiMic to your clothes.

✅ Portable carry case.

Effortlessly control your camera’s shutter. Take photos and videos without touching your smartphone

content creator with MobiMic wireless microphone recording content


MobiMic Review Image

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  - I'm no tech whiz and even for me these microphones were a breeze to use. I managed to record crystal-clear audio from a distance that practically made me disappear on screen!

MobiMic wireless lapel microphones with charging case

Upgrade your audio game and give your videos the edge with MobiMic.


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