ZenDock FAQs

Can I use my ZenDock Qi wireless charger with any device?

Yes. Providing the device supports Qi charging.

How do I know if my device is Qi compatible?

Check your phone's user manual, especially the “battery” section. If “wireless charging” is mentioned or has instructions on how to use Qi charging, then your phone supports it. You can also visit the website of your phone manufacturer and check the specifications of the phone in detail.

Can I leave my ZenDock plugged in?

Yes. You can leave your wireless charger plugged in. It does not transmit power when it is not charging a device so it will not overheat or waste too much energy.

How do I get my ZenDock Qi wireless charger to work?

Simply place your device on the charging pad making sure it is lined up correctly and it will start charging automatically.

Does my ZenDock know when to stop charging?

Yes! Zendock has a built-in protection chip. So, as the phone stops drawing energy, the charger detects it and stops providing power to the device.

Do Qi chargers reduce battery life?

No.Qi wireless charging will not harm your phone's battery.