OTG Help Guide for Android Users

What is OTG ?

USB OTG is short for USB On-The-Go. With USB OTG you can connect your Android smartphone or tablet to external USB devices via the charging port. 

Android Users - Free OTG Checker

All Android phones running Android 3.1 or higher support OTG. This free USB OTG Checker App makes it easy to test whether your phone is compatible with any USB device that can be plugged into USB, USB-C or Micro-USB port of your smartphone.


USB OTG Checker ✔ - Is your device compatible OTG?

Install USB OTG Checker via Google Play

Before using SmartMic™ Type-C with some Android smartphones you need to enable OTG in your settings. This allows your phone to pick up SmartMic's receiver and then change the default internal microphone to an add-on external microphone, in this case SmartMic™.

This video shows how to do this on the RealMe X55G handset.

**PLEASE NOTE** Due to the vast amount of Android handsets available the menu settings for enabling OTG and external microphones on your handset may be slightly different than in this example. If you are experiencing difficulties please refer to the user manual from the device manufacturer or e-mail sales@techmagnet.net for further assistance if you have Priority e-mail and Technical Support.

Enabling Developer Options and USB Debugging

On some handsets including Samsung, you need to enable developer options and the USB Debugging setting in the Developer Options Menu once you have unlocked it.

Samsung A12

 Samsung S21 Ultra

Resetting SmartMic

If you're experiencing connection issues first try resetting SmartMic and the receiver. This video shows you how. Be sure to double click the reset button as shown in the video.

Resetting SmartMic Ultra's Microphone and Receiver

This video shows you how to reset SmartMic Ultra's microphone and receiver. They will require resetting if the green lights on both are not stable and flashing.

SmartMic Instructions

SmartMic Ultra Instructions